Hello, dear visitors!

Learning foreign languages, to get to know more about other cultures and to exchange thoughts with other people about cultural similarities and differences, I find all this fascinating.  

I was born and raised in Germany, my mother tongue is German. I have been living in Norway for over 30 years, but since September 2012 I am living in France.

Several years ago I also started to learn Arabic with the objective one day to be able to read books, to speak and write Arabic. It is going to be a long way, but I can read a little in books for small children. :-)

I hope that in "Mon village multiculturel" I can share with you my passion for foreign languages and my delight in intercultural exchange.

In every house of "Mon village multiculturel" you will find links for learning the language, when you click on the respective book, as here "Learning English". And maybe you will feel like learning or practicing a foreign language in tandem?

In my blog, the village's newspaper Journal du Village, I will write

every now and then about subjects which interest me and which I find

important (Society and politics, Natural science etc.), or just because

I feel like tellling something about everyday life, which could be of

interest to others.


  So far there is one English article in the Journal du Village:


   Like old friends - International Hospitality


    The other articles are in French(9) and Norwegian(4) about the

  "Hospitality Club" and about foreigners' right to vote at local elections

  in Norway and in France and other countries of the European Union.

  You will also find two French short stories which I wrote for a short story

  competition in my home town.


  (Click on the newspaper for reading the articles =>)

I have many different interests. Particularly, I have always enjoyed creative and artistic activities: Pottery, writing, drawing and painting, handicraft work ...

The village centre of "Mon village multiculturel" is a photo of my ceramic houses made in front of a picture taken in our neighbourhood in Norway, edited in Paint.

As you can see I also amuse myself by creating things in the virtual world. ;-)

And if I can't build with clay, I use chocolate cake... ;-)

Over the years many different cake sculptures for my children's

birthdays have come into being. (For viewing them click on the bus => )

If you are in the mood for eating something, you can try the recipes

for cakes, bread or other dishes in the bakery's restaurant.

There is a library in my village because I love reading very much: 

Novels, non-fiction books and magazines about different areas like

psychology, biology, theology, society and politics.

I love nature, bicycle tours, walks in the forest and along the beach, 

- and I like to take photos.

This was a brief introduction of myself and "Mon village multiculturel", my multicultural village. The website is under construction, this means that not all the content will be there yet, and at the moment I am working on changing some parts of it as well.

In the Community Centre there is a table where you can write e-mails. I will be delighted if you would leave me a small message in the guestbook. :-)


  Best regards


Bienvenue - Village Centre


  languages in tandem  


  Rapunzel Tower

  Conte - Märchen

  Eventyr - Fairy Tale


Our old web site 2001

Fourteen years ago, when my children were 9 and 11 years old, we built our first website together.

We built a web house, designed pictures

for it and animated many of them. The

children also wrote short stories. Many

parts of the website existed in three

languages: German, Norwegian, English.

You will find some of the pictures of

our web house 2001 in "Mon village

multiculturel" and you can read some

of the stories in the Museum.

  Children Sculptures

 Chess pieces

   Entry page of our web house 2001

  Designed by my son when he was 11 years old, our real house is the model

  Chocolate Cake Bus

  My daughter's wish for her 8th birthday



  Community Centre

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Mein multikulturelles Dorf - Min multikulturelle landsby - My multicultural village

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